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The following terms and conditions (“the Conditions”) are the terms on which SCREENPRINTUK whose registered office is: CHURCH COTTAGE BOREHAM ROAD GREAT LEIGHS CHELMSFORD ESSEX CM3 1PP;(“SCREENPRINTUK /we”) or associate company. Sells products and/or services and supersedes all other terms and conditions relating to the subject matter of these Conditions. No variation to these terms and conditions will be accepted unless agreed in writing.


1.0. The price advertised on any of SCREENPRINTUK or its ASSOCIATE web sites (are exclusive of vat).where applicable

1.1. Payment of the Quoted/advertised Price shall be made by the Buyer without any deduction of any kind.

1.2. All goods must be paid for IN FULL prior to HAVING ANY embroidery screen print or cad cut and branding laid out in section 10 (any change to the original garment) unless agreed by the seller in writing  any goods supplied have to be paid for in 24 hours failing to pay for the goods delivered  we result in losing any discounted rates and a further invoice will be raised for the difference.

1.3. The price of the goods or the service provided can be subject to change and all prices are correct at the time of dispatch. The seller will Endeavour to advise the buyer prior to dispatch of goods or service. The buyer is bound by any price change that the seller has no control over

1.4. All prices quoted are valid for 7 days every effort is made to maintain our prices but these can change without notice

1.5. Any discounted price not paid on time, the seller has the right to charge the full amount.

1.6. Discount prices are only valid while stocks last and are sold on a first come first served bases

1.7 All jobs taken are based on a soon as possible basis unless deadlines are requested at the start of the contract

1.8 All goods quoted for are as per the byers request but at time the garments requested can be unavailable the seller will change or supplement the garments to for fill the order without notice. Every effort will be made to supply like for like garments using the same brands to maintain colour sizes and durability no guarantee can be given for exact match and no goods can be rejected .

2. CREDIT ACCOUNT SCREENPRINTUK OR ASSOCIATE COMPANIES DO NOT ALLOW ANY CREDIT TERMS Unless agreed by management in writing. you will  be advised on a quote or invoice or any correspndance to read our terms and by placing your order you will be bound by our terms of business . if you are placing multi orders once we have told you that you are bound by our terms any business done will be under our terms of business as it states in our terms we ask you to visit our terms from time to time they do get amended with out notice 

2.1. Account facilities are available at the discretion of the management and only after 6 months of continued trade. (A credit application form being completed and returned and all relevant credit checks being made.) A credit limit will be given and you must abide by our strike 14 day trading terms at all times credit accounts can be cancelled at any time without notice.

2.2. If an agreed credit account is in place all quotes and invoices are based on the advertised price on the website  . with all credit accounts 75% depoist must be paid with order and the balance paid 14 days after delivery if not paid  by the due date, interest shall accrue from the date of invoice and, after judgment, at the rate of 10 per cent above the base rate of Royal Bank of Scotland PLC at that time. (This rate is subject to change from time to time.)

2.3. If payment is not received within 3 days from the date of invoice the company will charge £15.00  for each phone call chasing outstanding invoices and £5.00 for each statement sent this can be by post  by hand or by electronic transfer (email)

2.4. IF THE ACCOUNT IS NOT SETTLED within 7 days the seller can charge £25.00 plus VAT for each correspondence sent in conjunction with the outstanding invoice / debt.

2.5 if the supply of garments uder a seperate instruction are  delilved and invoiced  the seller will not accept for any reason for not settleing the account the invoices are separate orders and can not be with held  if a buyer wity hold payment with out reason ten the seller can use the charging structure for failing to pay on time  set ou in 2.3 and 2.4

.2.6 If the company instructs Thomas Higgins (company solicitor) or any other debt collectors to collect the outstanding debt, £125.00 plus VAT can charged for that instruction or 50% of the debt which is ever greater and all legal fees will be passed to the buyer.

2.7. The Buyers right to hold or deal in any way with the Sellers shall terminate automatically and the Seller shall be entitled to immediately recover the goods if:

2.8. The buyer being an individual becomes Bankrupt or is the subject of a Bankruptcy Petition or enters into any agreements with creditors

2.9. The buyer being a limited company is subject to the appointment of an Administrate Receiver or goes or is forced into any form of insolvency.

2.10. The buyer authorises the Seller, its employees or agents to enter the buyer’s premises for the purpose of enforcing these provisions.

2.11. All invoices are sent by electric form. All invoices are charged at the full rate and any discounts are advised separately.

2.12. All invoices not paid by the agreed time will pay the full amount plus charges previously specified.

2.13. All work outstanding or in production will stop until all accounts are cleared and are within the credit terms agreed.

2.14. A dispute of an invoice has to be made within hour in 48  hours two working days. If it is found that the invoice is incorrect an amended invoice will be issued but payment is required within the original time frame not the datye of the reissue of and invioce the contract is vailed from the day of acceptance by the buyer ,.


3.0. Contract work is defined by doing regular work over a period of time at a discounted price. The buyer  would be given a discounted price for the work done any change to this charge will be done twice a year when the maim wholesalers have price increases 

3.1. If at any time the buyer cancels the contract the seller has the right to re-invoice at its standard rate from the start of any contract ( maximum three years )work under taken to recover its costs if any.

3.2 The contract is cancelled if the buyer does not follow screenprintuk terms of business which are available at

3.3. The seller has the right to cancel any agreement (verbal written or implied) if the contract is broken by the buyer. The seller will in force rule 3.1.

3.4. The seller will deem the contract has been cancelled after the second month without repeat business and can enforce 3.1

3.5 The buyer can supply their own garments at their own cost and risk the seller will not be responsible for any loss for whatever reason.

3.6 MANDATORY RULE Due to the nature of screen print embroidery cad cut and transfers the buyer has to factor in a 10% extra stock supply to cover any miss prints placements etc. in the event of miss print /embroidery etc. all stock is returned to the buyer if not used, or if instructed the seller can print the extra stock 

3.7 SCREENPRINTUK does not and will not be held responsible for any loss due to the buyer not supply the extra in section 3.5

3.8 The seller can withhold any refund or stock, screens, artwork until any dispute is settled in writing to both parties.

3.9. Sample prints are charged at the normal rate but this is at the discretion of the seller.

3.10 All contract work ; the seller tries to work to a stricked time scale  and will hold transfers ,embroidery , rhinestone patches  vinyl cut images wordings and logos. there is not an upper or lower limit that is held . it is the respnsability of the buyer to set there own limits of stock held and email the seller,in the event that the buyer dose not advise the seller   the seller will calculate the stock held if for any reason the buyer or seller stops the contact the seller  and invoice and send accordingly for what ever stock is held at the time of the stopping of the contact 


4.0. The description and quantity of the goods to be sold (“the Goods”) shall be as set out in the quotation / Sales Order provided by the buyer to the seller.

4.1. Verbally by the Buyer to the Seller or verbally by the Seller to the Buyer (“the Quotation” / purchase order form / email).

4.2. Mandatory note If the BUYER places an order *verbally*, the SELLER will not be responsible for any mistakes. The order is taken in good faith and it is the full responsibility of the buyer to confirm everything in writing.

4.3. Any garment that has been embroidered or screen printed or changed in any way, must be accepted by the BUYER. The BUYER cannot refuse the goods or withhold payment. The buyer can ask for a sample of print or embroidery at any time. Before having there order completed. If the order is complete and sent the buyer cannot refuse the garments and no refunds will be given. N.B. it is the responsibility of the buyer to request any sample for approval this will be charged at the rate in section 13.3

4.4. By virtue of the goods sold, no warranty is offered as to durability and life of the products sold. The seller cannot guarantee sizes or colour as they differ from company to company

4.5 All sizes and colours advertised are a guild only. The seller will not replace any garment due to size or colour difference Please note that all designs colours sizes are examples and not guaranteed the images advertised on our web sites or catalogues are for reference only and can change without notice.

4.6 Goods supplied by the Buyer or any third party on behalf of the Buyer for either embroidery, screen Printing or any other purpose shall always be at the Buyer’s own risk. the seller can not and will not replace any garment supplied by the client or third party on behalf of the client .if the buyer fails to deliver the required stock and the extra as out lined in the terms   the seller will only print what is supplied it is the resposibility of the buyer to provide delivery sheet  out lining colour size and how many have been supplied , failing to provide this information the seller can not and will not be resonsible for missing items , in the event of dispute the seller can and will reprint garments  if the client want to send replacements . However if agreed any refund will only be for the price stated on the invoice not for the garments as any garments supplied by the buyer ara at there own risk 

4.7 SCREENPRINTUK will not accept any responsibility for any missing damaged or soiled garments that have been sent by the buyer the seller will advise of any shortage based on the delivery note sent with the goods , failing to supply a full break down of garments supplied  the seller is not resonsible for any missing items   


5.0. Any order placed by the Buyer shall be treated as a firm commitment and acceptance of the terms laid out on the seller web site and cancellation will not be accepted unless agreed in writing by the seller.

5.1. The Seller will make all reasonable efforts to ful fill its obligation under such orders but shall not be liable for any cancellation or suspension of such orders caused by events beyond the control of the Seller.

5.2 The seller has the right to recover any cost incurred prior to cancellation at the current price laid out on the web sites or quotation given

5.3 The seller holds minimum stock levels and draws down stock per order from its suppliers on cancellation; the seller has the right to charge a restocking charge of 50% of the full price of the garment irrespective of any quoted or discounted price previously given.olus any delivery costs 

5.4 Due to clause 5.3 Garments can be purchased on behalf of the buyer before payment and held while payment is made, in the event the order is cancelled, the seller has the right to impose clause 5.3.


6.1. The seller has to provide print ready art work /full colour separation size on designs

6.2. The seller has an art team who can design or change your logo. At the sellers discretion there could be a charge of £80.00 per colour per design for this service. The minimum charge for this service is £25.00.

6.3. The seller will charge £50 per hour for any other artwork service or amendments.

6.4. Every effort will be made to reproduce the design that the seller provides. In the absence of any art work being provided by the buyer the seller will not be responsible for any print work that does not match the seller’s design.100%

6.5. The seller charges a minimum charge for artwork and screen set up as set out in the purchase order sent prior to confirmation of order.

6.6. The byer has to provide example in writing of placement such as (example  left breast front  110mm down from the top of the garment .centre of print is 110mm fron left arm ths is for all placement   with out this instruction the seller will use industry standard place ment , the buyer can not reject any printed garments this for all  print cad cut vinyl ,transfer or embroidery  or any other form of embelishment,   Marking the garment is acceptable and an indication of placement  but we will need it in writing prior to print .all art work has to be sent with full size spesifcations placement instructions by diagrams etc

6.7 In the event of cancellation, the seller will charge the full rate as defined in 6.3.


7.1.1 Unless stated we will use basic colours for print i.e. red, black, blue, bottle green etc. It is the responsibility of the buyer to give full printing instructions on colour, position, and size of print. We can print using pantone numbers and it is the responsibility of the buyer to provide the pantone numbers. In the absence of any instruction or Pantone number the seller will try and match the colour of the design provided by the buyer. The seller accepts no responsibility for any colour printed wrongly due to the fact that all computer screens / printers differ from make to make and no colour can be guaranteed 100% due to the nature of printing on garments, colours can change. Every effort is made to minimize this but there could be a 15% change in tone either way. When printing on sweat shirts hoodies or any garments that are made up with fleece the item can move on the board great care is taken for this not to happen.

7.1.2 On all dark items we use cotton rich ink and only lay down ONE layer of ink, it is down to the buyer as request the items to be flashed,

7.1.3 flashed garemets, can give the appearance of a hard plastic effect the seller has no control over the outcome and the buyer cannot reject the items,when appplying a flash print the registration can at times move due to the makeup of the garments such as  sweat shirts hoodies etc thease garments are prone to move as to fix them to the board is almost imposible as it is  sitting on a fleece surface we can not be responsible for that momement no garment can be rejected. there a nimber of way to flash a garment we give no garentee that the flach will seal the garment and provent the garemnts to bleed

7.1.4 due to the makeup of some items the ink can pick up the fleece giving the print a grain affect. The seller has no control over this and the buyer can not reject.

7.1.5 print may bleed in to the garment finer lines can bleed in to the body of the design the seller has no control over this and the buyer can not reject the items if this happens. The seller cannot be responsible for bleeding on any garments as all garments differ from make to make and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

7.1.6 as with all screnprinted garments we dry the garment by way of heat we have no control over any garment if its affected by this heat like shadowing marking etc we will not accept any rejection or cmplaints if this happens 

7.2. Every effort is made to reproduce the designs that the buyer provides it is the responsibility of the buyer to provide print ready art work at all times to ensure the quality of the printed design. If the seller has to engage their art team you are bound by the terms and charging scale laid out in section 6.

7.3 Any order over £100 we would advise that you ask for a sample print, it would be down to the buyer to request a SAMPLE. In the event that a sample was not requested the buyer has to accept the garments for whatever reason.

7.4 Every effort is made to meet the buyers deadlines we work on 28 day turn round on all orders this is subject to sale and demand and availability of garments the seller will contact the buyer of any delay on the delivery of their order.

7.5. The buyer has every opportunity to provide garments printed before by other printers as a reference point, in the event that the buyer does not provide any garment the buyer has to accept the items produced by the seller.

7.6 In the event that the buyer cancels the order and set ups and screens have been made there will be a charge 

7.7 The printing of paper bags due to the nature of the inks used when printing paper bags there may be a need to charge for extra screens for example order over 1000 bags there will be a further screen charge.

7.8 Screen printing multi colours (maximum of 5) each colour screen is lined up manually, test prints are done to ensure the design is lined up but at times the garments may move and on occasions will print just out of line, the buyer has to accept in a manual process this happens, we try to minimise this as best we can the buyer can not reject the items. When printing fleece sweat shirt hoodies or any item that cannot be fixed to the board this does increase the chances that the design falls out of line the buyer can not reject the good if any item is out of line the seller works to minimise this in any way it can.

7.9 When quoting any job the buyer will only quote for the most competitive price item and the basic one lay print option

7.10 Screen print by its nature as stated in 7.1.4 is a wet ink going on dry garments then run through a heat tunnel. We have no control over the chemical reaction as this differs from one garment to another and there is always bleed when printing light on dark garments and the ink will pull the colour of the garment through the ink.

7.11 When Screen Printing the nature of the process will mean that when taking the screen away from the garment the ink can lift giving a grain effect on the item , although we try to minimise this we cannot accept any rejection of good if this has happened

7.12 All print work is carried out to the best of our ability, all screen printers differ in one way or another as there are many processes that printers use and the outcome of any print work can be different in so many ways. Any reference to other printers does not make up any part of this contract.

7.13 Heat treating the garments is in itself something that has many parameters; the ink, the garment, the heat reaction itself. We have no way in telling that the ink is fully adhered to the garments at times there will be some shading after wash.

7.14 Every effort has to be given to washing the garments; (we recommend) a cold wash, the garment inside out, and lastly when ironing please ensure the garment is inside out.

7.15 Unless the whole design comes away from the garment we cannot be held responsible for the printing of the garment for the reasons above.

7.16 The buyer can give specific placement instructions due to the nature of the screen printing process we will not be responsible for any placement that has less 40% deviation to any instruction given, the client has to accept that no two garments are made the same and lining up the garments are set from the first garment in the run.



8.1. All embroidery tapes or any alterations to the tape must be paid for by the buyer in the event that the buyer does not want to proceed with the order or cancels for any reason the tape must be paid in full without exception

8.2. An embroidery stitch out can be requested before any garments are embroidered it is the responsibility of the buyer to make this request A charge of £10.00 is made for this service. Plus the cost of the tape set up

8.3. Unless stated we will use basic colours for embroidery i.e. red, black, blue, bottle green etc. We can match colours of silks to a pantone number but due to the nature of the silk shine the colour can change by 15% either way.


9.1. Universal Opaque this is suitable for nylon, Lycra, spandex, cotton, and poly cotton blends it can be applied over seams it’s 100% soft handle and can be made up in a four colour print process

9.2. Polygram. This is for single colour transfers and is suitable for big A4 image numbers, company log’s etc.

9.3. Litho Plastisol. A full colour litho process which can reproduce any design and can be printed on any garment

9.4. Full photo image. Ideal for the birthday party, stag and hen party (please note this service has limited use and the seller cannot guarantee the length of time that the image will stay fit for purpose) Info: please note that transfers are heat welded to the garment please do not direct iron to the transfer, do not wash over 40 degrees, do not tumble dry unless the garment is inside out

9.5 We use a vast array of transfer papers. Each process has its problems, we cannot accept any faults that may happen under the heat press such as: treated garments can affect the transfer it can lift the design or fade or make the design to stick creating lines and defects Also shadows at times. Every effort is made to limit this but we cannot accept any returns if there is any such problem

9.6 With all transfers cad cut vinyl , this is a manual process and even if a client gives specific placement instructions ( by way of  size  of image and exact place ment position  we would work to our normal prosess of place ment on size of garents which could differ from size to size  ) all placement is in line with   6.6 we will not be responsible for any placement that has a 40% deviation to any instruction given, the client has to accept that no two garments are made the same and lining up the garments are set from the first garment in the run 

9.7 Scorching heat marks  are common when using heat presses to attatch the print transfer or vinyl  we use proven long standing whole sale garments that minimise the heat marks and scorching  we offer no garentees on the buyer supplying there own garments  uk manifactured or imports  the seller will work to minimise any such marking  but the seller will not refund replace any garments supplied by the client  as they are supplied at there own risk  

9.8 Transfers are litho printed on a white background and will be visible on most garments

9.8 In most cases we will plot cut all designs but from time to time we may have to manually cut round the design. This may be visible but every effort is made to keep this to a minimum , no rejection of items will be accepted if this is the case

9.9 Gem stones are applied to the garments we give no guarantee to the durability of the stone after the items have been passed to the client

9.10 With gem stones they come in all sizes, we will always use 4mm stones unless advised by the client there is a minimum requirement of 1000 stones

9.11 With gems we use external suppliers to create the larger designs, the cost of this are POA and we do not give any guarantees to the durability of the stones once they have been despatched

9.12 All transfers or vinyl cut designs are made as per the order  if the buyer dose not use all the transfer vinyl cut design or any produced designs the seller will not give refunds in any way every job is priced and supplied as per the order if for any reason the designs are not used or the order is changed the seller will not refund the costs of the remailning designs the seller will offer to print the out standing design but this has to be done with in 14 days of delivery of the main order 


10.1 The supply of the buyers labels bags tags or any other item to be supplied with the garments can be supplied by the buyer if we the seller under takes the purchase or supply of requested items we have no control over the supply delivery dates etc. So any subcontracted work falls outside of any expected delivery date given

10.2 Over lock label on to existing label / replace manufacture label with clients own label printing inside of the garments

10.3 Any alteration to an original garment i.e. replacing label can change the stature of the garment. Every effort is made to minimise this but clients have to accept the garment

10.4 When printing on the inside of garments, at times the ink will bleed through the garment, we have no control over this and the client cannot reject any item that this happens to

10.5 Placement of client branding with embroidery screen print woven or printed label or direct embroider or screen print to garment


11.0. The seller will email the client when the goods have been dispatched and expected delivery date contact numbers and consignment numbers if any

11.1. The Seller shall deliver the Goods to the Buyer at the address of the Buyer as shown on the Quotation, or sales order or verbally by 3rd party carriers/ royal mail. In the event of the goods have  been  sent to the wrong address the selleor will re arange delivery as soon as it can , in this evet the sellor  will not accept any claim for none deliver or late delivery, as delivery and return is out of the sellers direct control ,  

11.2. The delivery date is not guaranteed. Time shall not be of the essence for delivery. The company uses a number of national couriers that all have their own set of delivery times and none are 100% guaranteed NEXT DAY. .

11.3. Collections can be at the Customer’s request, expense and risk, from the premises of KA TRADING, during the hours of 10.30 to 14.00 Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.

11.4 All redelivery charges as a result of non-attendance are chargeable.

11.5 Due to shut downs which are advertised in these terms of businesss. the buyer has to accept that the delivery will be sent with in 24 hours after the return to work 

11.6 You agree that proof of delivery supplied by our delivery company is sufficient evidence to establish that goods have been received.

11.7. We accept no liability of any description for late delivery.once the order has been desptached we have no control of the delivery time 

11.8. All deliveries will be charged at the rate of £10.00 per 15 kilo parcel. Saturday deliveries can be arranged (price on application). On smaller items, the Royal Mail can be used and the items sent recorded delivery and charged at £6.50 per package.these prices can change at any time and will be on the invoice 

11.9. It is the responsibility of the buyer to notify the seller within 24 hours in writing if the package is damaged and if any part of the package is missing along with the goods enclosed. (Please note that it would help with any claims that you take photo evidence of any parcel damage) at the time of receipt

11.10. It is the responsibility of the buyer when signing for the package/s that the buyer clearly marks the delivery note that the package is damage / missing / items unchecked. (If this is not done the seller cannot guarantee replacing the goods)

11.11. In the event that the parcel not delivered on time by the 3rd party courier every effort will be made by the seller to retrieve the parcel/s from the courier and will lease with the courier for safe delivery. No time scale can be placed on this action. no order can be cancelled. or refunded ,and the sellor will not accept any claim for any lose due to the delay by the delivery agents

11.12. In the event that the 3rd party courier has lost the parcel /s the seller will confirm with the buyer. And will make a claim against the courier. When and if the courier company accepts that the parcel /s are lost. The seller will reprint /embroider the garments again and deliver the goods within 28 days. (Subject to garments being available)

11.13 delivery of contract printed /embroidery garments via second class mail or signed for international deliveries .have no guaranteed Delivery date and we are governed by royal mails garentees on delivery And can m not be help responsible for any loss or time delay

11.14… The seller does not accept any liability for any lose to the buyer due to the none delivery of the order.

11.15 NO collection can be done if the client has paid by credit / debit card the seller has imposed this rule to protect both the client and company against fraud or money laundering


12.0. No liability for alleged shortages of delivery or non-delivery of goods will be accepted by the Seller unless claims are notified in writing to the Seller within 24 hours of delivery for shortages


13.1. Every effort is made to meet the client’s requirements with design colour and durability Screenprint UK works close with its suppliers to maintain high quality of service and manufacture

13.2. The delivery date cannot be guaranteed. Time shall not be of the essence for delivery. The seller cannot guarantee any delivery date as it has no direct control of the manufacture or dispatch of goods but the seller will work hard to maintain. And communicate with the buyer if there is ever a problem with delivery

13.3. The buyer agrees to pay a 50% none refundable deposit balance paid before delivery

13.4. The buyer cannot cancel the order if the garments are made they are made at the buyers request and specifications

13.5. The seller can charge the full amount to cover the seller’s costs and expenses


14.1. At the discretion of the management all samples must be paid for in FULL before dispatch. If the buyer is in receipt of sample garments and they are not returned within 21 days they are to be paid for in full

14.2 The seller will refund 50% of the garment price as long as the returned items are in a resalable condition. No delivery costs are refundable. The buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the garments.

14.3. Printed samples are charged at £75.00 per single colour print on a single garment plus the price of the garment plus postage.

14.4. Any made to order garments samples must be paid for in full

14.5. Samples for ready-made garments are charged @£150.00 and £75.00 for each sample there after


15.1. The Buyer within 24 hours after delivery. Must contact the seller by phone, email or fax. The Buyer shall not be entitled to reject the Goods in whole or in part after  48 hours 

15.2. No rejection of goods can take place, under any circumstances or for any reason, where an embroidery or print has been applied to the garment/s or the delivery service is delayed.

15.3. If the buyer uses /sells / gives away, any part of the goods supplied the whole order has to be paid for in full and without exception.

15.4. Any items supplied to a Buyer at the Buyer’s request – all transactions for Buyer supplied garments are deemed to be at the Buyer’s risk and expense.


16.1. The buyer cannot return any part of the order unless the buyer has it IN WRITING from the seller with in 24 hours or reciept of goods at no time will the seller accept any returned items by the buyer in breach of this agreement.

16.2. The buyers will contact the seller with in 24 hours if the goods are to be returned the delivery will be at the buyer’s expense. (If it is proven that the goods supplied are to be replaced the seller will refund the delivery cost)

16.3. The buyer will always send returns back by recorded delivery or by couriers to ensure that the seller has to sign for the goods. The seller will not accept any return that has no record of delivery. Or proof of delivery

16.4. If the buyer decides that the goods are not required and every effort to resolve any dispute cannot be reached then it will be still the buyer’s responsibility to return the goods at the buyer’s expense

16.5 in the event that a buyer supplies there own garments or goods the seller will not accept any returns as the gar,ents are supplied at there own risk 

16.6. If the goods are not returned within 21 days from the date of delivery the seller will not accept any return goods and all moneys own must be paid by return if after 14 days the debt is not settled then the debit will be libel to interest as laid out in the terms


17.1. The Goods shall be at the risk of the Buyer following delivery.

17.2. Goods supplied by the Buyer or any third party on behalf of the Buyer for either embroidery, screen printing or any other purpose, shall always be at the Buyer’s own risk. As in section 4 sub sections 4.1 under no circumstance will SCREENPRINTUK accept liability, under any condition or circumstance, for any damage to the garments or loss, however incurred, for such Buyer supplied items or garments.

17.3. Not with standing delivery, title in the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until the Buyer has made payment of all sums owing to the Seller.

17.4. Until such time as title in the Goods passes to the Buyer, the Seller shall have the right to repossess or otherwise recover the Goods which have not been embroidered screen printed or changed in any way. In the event that the garments have been changed embroidered or screen printed the seller will use all methods to collect payment.

17.5. Title to artwork or computer disk (known as Origination) is retained by SCREENPRINTUK. At no time can this be passed to the Buyer if it is proven that the buyer is indebted to the seller .A copy of the all artwork and computer disks will be kept in archive by SCREENPRINTUK, but a copy can be made available to the Buyer. When there is no outstanding debt with the seller. This artwork will only be used at the exclusive instruction of the Buyer. It is deemed that the Buyer has legal rights to use the supplied artwork and will indemnify SCREENPRINTUK for any loss or potential loss due to copyright infringement by the Buyer.


18.1. Save in respect of personal injury or death due to the negligence of the Seller, the Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer in respect of any loss suffered by the Buyer due to any defect in the Goods or late delivery of goods.

18.2. Without prejudice to Condition 6.1, the Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer or any third party for any loss of profit consequential or other economic loss suffered by the Buyer arising in any way from this Agreement.

18.3. Save in respect of personal injury or death due to the negligence of the Seller, the liability of the Seller under these Conditions shall not exceed the Price charged to the Buyer.


The Seller shall not be liable for any default due to any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Seller including, but not limited to, Acts of God, war, civil unrest, riot, strike, and lock-out, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, flood, earthquake or shortage of supply or failure to deliver of the Supplier or due to labour disputes.


20.1. If any term or provision of these Conditions is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any Court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect as if these Conditions had been agreed with the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision eliminated.

20.2. The Seller may, without the consent of the Buyer, sub-license its rights or obligations or any part of these Conditions.

20.3 The seller uses a number of out services such as embroidery ,garment changes, relabeling, gen applications, Vinyl supply, transfers, embossing , van livery, shops signs, banners and any other service that helps to provide the byer with their order/orders.

20.4 Outside services fall outside of any guarantee of the sellers own in house service and does not form part of any times service.

20.5 In the event of any delay the client will be advised, the buyer has the right at that point to cancel the contract with the seller, this has to be in writing and confirmed by the seller.

20.6. The headings in these Conditions are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of any of the Conditions.

20.7. The seller can use the buyer’s logo to advertise the seller’s services. The seller will, at times, post testimonials on its web site to promote the seller’s services. If the buyer does not want the seller to use their logo the buyer must contact the sale manager in writing.

20.8. The seller will at time to time send details of special offers and promotional ads that the company feels relevant to its customer base.

20.9. The seller will not use any information provided by the buyer other than to promote its services within the group 13.7. The seller has a full network to provide details to buyer’s mobile phone numbers .The seller can at time to time send some messages to promote the buyers and associates companies services there is no charge for this service.

20.10 We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and we ask the buyer to vist or terms from time to time to see if there are any changes 

20.11 when placing your orders with the seller you will be instructed to visit our terms  this may not happen on every invoice but all business carried out with screen print uk or its associates  are bound by our terms which can be found under terms and condisions on all our web sites 


21.1. We endeavour to carry out all work within the agreed time scales, however we will not be held responsible for any delays or shortages occurring from incidents beyond our control.

21.2. The seller will not accept any responsibility for the garments supplied the seller will send the garments back to the supplier for their comments when in receipt of the report then and only then will the seller replace or not replace the garments .( there is no time scale set for this to happen).

21.3. In the event that the seller asks for the garments to be returned, this is not acceptance that garments are faulty the return of the goods is to forward them to the supply for a full report.

21.4 Any complaint has to be made with 24 hours of receipt of good the seller will not entertain any complaint after that time.

21.5 SCREENPRINTUK follows the guidelines laid down by the DTI

21.6 The buyer has the right to report any wrongdoing and if they feel SCREENPRINTUK has failed in its service to the buyer.

21.7 The buyer has the right to report the facts that are not covered by the sellers trading terms any points raised which are covered by the terms must not be written spoken or broadcast. The seller will request that the buyer retracts the information stated within 24 hours of the seller making that request.

21.8 If in the event the buyer does not retract the written, spoken or broadcast, the seller will engage their legal team to take action against the buyer. All costs incurred will be past to the buyer.

21.9 The seller has the right to take legal action against the buyer if the comments made or written or reported are in breach of our trading terms.

21.10 If the seller by the comments reports or broadcast has done or will do affect the financial income. the seller has the right to take legal action to recover any profit lost.


22.0. Due to the customised nature of the products, refunds are not available on customised orders unless the Garments are defective. If you believe your garments are defective you must contact screenprint uk . Immediately. Returns will not be accepted unless you receive written confirmation to do so by the seller.

 22.01 if refunds are agreed it will be as follows if the garment is faulty  or tne garment is printed incorrectly 

22.2 We will not refund any garment costs when the client sends there own garments or other items, the garments or other items are sent  at the clients risk and cant not be rejected in any way.any refund will be on the invoiced value only with out acception , it is recomended that the client supplies the extra stock as in section 

 22.4  the seller will engage with the buyer about refunds and request itamised details for any refund to be concidered the seller has 48 hour to provide them details . if no details are sent 

with in that time scale or the buyer has not contacted the seller to request the case for refund will be closed and can not be re-opened 


23.0 Each of the parties agrees that, save in respect of statements made fraudulently, it shall have no remedy in respect of any untrue statement upon which it relied in entering this Agreement and that its only remedies shall be for breach of contract.


24.0. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


The products ordered remain the property of SCREENPRINTUK until payment is completed. No resale, leasing, pledging, transfer of title for security purposes, conversion, other disposition or transformation is permissible before conveyance of title without the explicit consent of SCREENPRINTUK


The client is solely responsible for the contents of transferred image data. We assume that the client possesses the necessary copyrights, trademark rights or other rights for all works, files and images that are transferred. In case of infringement of those rights, the client is obligated to indemnify SCREENPRINTUK from any claims that might be issued by third parties. This is strictly ensured by liability assumption versus the claimant. If the claimant does not approve the liability assumption the client will indemnify SCREENPRINTUKfrom all claims. In this case the client will support SCREENPRINTUK in the defense of such claims. The client bears all incidental expenses (e.g. court and lawyer costs, fines, etc.).


The customer retains all rights to all documents to be transferred to SCREENPRINTUK by the customer or by the persons authorized by the customer. For the execution of the contract the customer grants SCREENPRINTUK the unrestricted right in time and space to use the available image data to provide the service in the context of the contract. This contains also the storage, reproduction and processing of image data. This includes the right to make available some pictures for correction and improvement to third parties. 28. ACCOUNTANTS



collections  THE MARSTON GROUP 


Barclays Bank PLC


31.0. When asking for a quote, you are automatically entered in to our marketing register; you will provide us with information about yourself. From time to time we will use that information to send you offer and information that we feel would be advantages to yourself at any time you can ask us to take you of our marketing list. Every effort is made to do this by our auto removal system but there still may be a chance that the information may still get through every effort will be made to make sure this does not happen


No statement, information warranty, condition or recommendation made by the Sellers employees or agents shall vary or override these conditions.


Screenprintuk is committed to safeguarding your privacy, while providing a high quality of service. Screenprintuk will treat your personal information as confidential and your details will not be given or sold to anyone. We will use the information collected online to help us provide you with information/quotes/. We DO NOT use cookies on this website:


You can complain to the company by email ([email protected] )this e-mail address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it) or in writing to Complaints Screenprintuk the print shop c/o Church cottage Boreham Road Great Leighs Chelmsford Essex CM3 1PP 01245 362148 or [email protected]


35.1. Nothing in these Conditions shall affect the statutory rights of a consumer.

36.  Holidays / shut downs 2018

New YEAR we will be shut on the 1st of january untill the 5th of january  re open on the 8th of january 

EASTER   we will be closed from the 30th march untill the 10th of april  reopen on the 11th april 

Summer   we will be closed from the 08/july untill t he  9th september 2019 we are closed for  longer this year  for building work and new equipment insterlation 

christmas we will be shut from 16th of December 2019 untill the 6th january 2020

we will also be shut on all bank holidays through the year




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